Exhaust Line

Exhaust Line   

We are teaming up with Bruno Tuning shop working under extensive experience and wide range of knowledge in all exhaust associated aspects to produce any exhaust system or its component.
The exhausts we make are high class race systems for bikes taking part in various types of competitions. The system is designed so that it can be suited for the needs of a usual street or trail riding as well by reducing the decibel output if necessary.
All of the exhausts we make are high grade stainless steel combined with titanium if necessary. This is not just something that comes floating from the factory, they are all handmade and each receive individual attention that grants them the soul of a true masterpiece.
Therefore all of this comes with only one purpose – to pack as big of a punch as possible!
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Our products feature only high quality materials like high grade stainless steel completely denying any use of black metals. Even the inner pipe and it's surrounding screen is made from stainless steel in order to protect the wool (these are mostly black metal). The header and turn fabrication is based on F1 innovated technology by welding the whole pipe from many smaller pieces rather than bending it, this gives the turn better radius allowing increased waste flow. The welding works are done using special welding technology which results in flat and smooth inner seams. The accomplished sound changes have acquired serious work investments bringing it down to excellent visual and sonic pleasure as well as increased power output. Screen

Service and Spares

We propose full or partial restoration/service works for practically any exhaust system or its’ section as well as full systems’ refabricating. Spares for products – in case of damage all of the necessary components are freely available for replacement. Just inform us of your damage, batch and product number from the info board and we will send you the desired item.


Warranty period: 18 months starting from the date of dispatch. It relates to:
  • quality welds
  • the sound insulation wool durability against burning out
  • strength of riveted joints

Exhaust Line

Exhaust Line

Exhaust Line

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